Product Description

China top 10 peanut oil extraction machine
groundnut oil production line We are the biggest peanut oil making machine producer in china,Our peanut oil making machine has got ISO 9001,SGS,BV certificates,we have exported peanut oil making machine to many countries.It is very popular now!!!
The whole peanut oil production line contains three workshops pretreatment&
prepressing workshop,oil extraction workshop and oil refining workshop,
that are suitable for all kinds of oil seeds, such as,peanut,Sunflower,copra,palm,soybean, corn germ,cottonseed,sunflower seed,rapeseed, sesame seed and so on.
Pretreatment&Prepressing Workshop

Craft flow:
Crude material → cleaning → softening → prepressing → drying → to extraction workshop
Pretreatment and prepressing section is a very important section before extraction.It will directly affect extraction effect.
Craft features:
1.Create good production enviroment
2.Minimize the total fat loss,increase oil yield and output and improve the quality of oil and cake&meal.
3.Comprehensively utilize impurities and offal.
4.Perfectly match extraction production line,design different production processes according to different materials.
Oil Extraction Workshop

Craft flow:

solvent steam
↓ ↓
extraction → mixed oil → evaporation→ steam-stripping → crude oil
Extractor types:
Level rotation extractor, loop type extractor, chain extractor
Extraction methods:
Use organic solvent through soaking or spraying contact methods to extract oil from oilseeds.
Advantages of extraction craft:

  1. High oil yield, low residual oil in meal;
  2. Low labor intensity;
  3. Good working environment;

4.Good meal quality.
Negative pressure evaporation helps to improve crude oil quality.
Craft features:
1. Adopting negative pressure evaporation can ensure excellent oil quality;
2. Extraction system is highly adaptable, and can adapt to different raw material ;
3. All equipments are provided with exhaust gas absorption systems with excellent absorption effect;
4. Full energy-saving design utilizes heat energy for many times and saves steam consumption;
Oil refining Workshop

Add hot water to remove phospholipids, decolorization (removing pigment from oil to make oil clear and transparent) through adsorption of active bleaching clay, continuous physical deacidification and deodorization.

1).Degumming, alkali refining deacidification, water washing and drying. Through add hot water and food grade phosphoric acid to remove hydratable phospholipids and nonhydratable phospholipids. Then add caustic soda to neutralize free fatty acid to decrease acid value.

2).Decolorization. Add active bleaching clay, and remove pigment from oil through adsorption of active bleaching clay.

3).Deacidification and .Remove free fatty acid from oil to decrease acid value. Use deacidification pot for batch deacidification and deacidification tower for continuous deacidification.

4).Deodorization. Remove odor from oil. Deodorization pot is used for batch oil deodorization, and deodorization tower is used for continuous deodorization.

Company Profiles

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