Product Description

Press filter, SS mobile filter press small filter press filter, is widely used in many fields. ZL horizontal plywood frame filter press, for low concentrations of 50% or less viscosity, less the amount of slag containing liquid as a sealed filter to achieve purification, sterilization, clarification and other fine filter, activated carbon removal, particulate removal, Semi-fine filter requirements, direct selection of microporous membrane, microporous membrane filter may filter can achieve the purpose of sterile filtration). The machine filter area, flow, large scope, so in the pharmaceutical, chemical, food and other industries have wide application, the application of pharmaceutical injection liquid filtration, very good results.
Features:This machine, except the motor, other parts are made of high quality 304 or 316L stainless steel corrosion-resistant material, suitable for filtrating a variety of PH value of acid and alkali liquid, pressurized sealed filter, less filtrated liquid loss, good quality filter ,High efficiency. Filter portion consists of ten layers of filter plates, large filter area and flow; and the different production processes can be filtered according to the solution of the (initial filter, activated carbon removal, particulate removal, semi-fine filter, fine filter) request, switch to a different filter film, and the size of the production flow of the user may be appropriate to reduce or increase the filter plate layers, making it suitable for the needs of production, so the machine has the characteristics of a machine for a wide range according to; thread mesh filter plate planar shape, advanced structure , no deformation, easy to clean, can effectively increase the service life of various membrane, thereby reducing production costs and savings, the machine is equipped with stainless steel infusion pump, its equipped with a small motor, low power consumption. Machine base is equipped with under rubber tire, easy to operate, mobile and flexible, for mobile use.
Technical parameters:

Specification Plate size Qty. of filter plate Filter area(m2)
DLSF/250-6 250*250 mm 6 0.35
Note: 1, If need the filter large filter area can be customized.

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