Product Description

,it is a compact strcture design made by us ,which can be easily transport and installation for the end user itself . this equipment is using the steam distillation method to distill the plants oil out .so it is now used widely used in the home and lab room .
Lab Scale Automatic Plant Oil Distillation Machine working principle :
put the fresh or dried plant raw materials into the extraction distiller, and then send them into the steam to evaporate the plant essential oil. After the steam containing essential oil is collected and condensate through a ccondenser , the vapor will be cooled into a liquid, and then separated according to the difference of specific gravity and density between the water and essential oil. the aroma oil can be collected in the storage tank ,the water can be drain .
Lab Scale Automatic Plant Oil Distillation Machine composition:
it is including the following unit : extraction tank ,condenser ,sub-cooler ,oil-water separator unit and pipeline .etc
Lab Scale Automatic Plant Oil Distillation Machine features:
1. The internal and external precision polishing of the equipment meets GMP requirements.
2. The equipment is mainly composed of distillation tank, condenser, cooler, oil-water separator, etc.
3. The extraction tank volume can made from 20L,30L,50L,100L,200L,300L,500L,1000L etc
4.all the material can be made for SS304 or SS316L
Lab Scale Automatic Plant Oil Distillation Machine working field raw material :

Flowers Rose; jasmine; lavender; chamomile; ylang ylang; geranium; neroli; clary sage; achillea millefolium; osmanthus; peony; marigold; laurel; honeysuckle; violets.
Leaves Tea tree; eucalyptus; mint; patchouli; juniperberry; cypress; pine needles; spearmint; basil.
Roots Ginseng; ginger; angelica; garlic; vetivert; angelica root; mugwort; borneol camphor.
Grasses Rosemary; verbena; lemongrass; melissa; nardostachys; tarragon; caraway; dill; valerian; houttuynia; wintergreen; evening primrose.
Wood Sandalwood; cedar wood; rosewood; Birch; holly; camphor; melaleuca; sassafras.
Resins Frankincense; myrrh; benzoin; fir tree; amyris; Elemi.
Bark Cinnamon.
Citrus Bergamot; grapefruit; lemon; orange; lime; tangerine .

We have established some overseas agent office to make the after-sales serivce already ,so it can will be service client in fast response .also in our headquarter service team ,there is a expert team which can support client in 7*24 hours .
1. Customer inquiry and consultation (URS documents)
2. Confirmation of treatment plan (DQ documents &PID Drawing)
3.Quotation offer with the technolgy document (Quotation PI )
4.Engineering and Manufacturing (Prodcution &Quality inspection )
5. Product inspection (FAT documents)
6. Delivery arrangement and loading work (full set Shipment documents)
7. After-sales service (OQ,PQ ,SAT documents)

Company Profiles

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