Product Description

Soybean Oil Refining plant machine

Main equipment

1. Neutralization pot: used in acid refining, alkali refining and washing;

2. Decolorization pot: used for bleaching;

Deodorization pot:Used to remove odor (stainless steel);

Thermal oil furnace: Provide heat energy for production, up to 280ºC;

Vacuum pump: Provide the vacuum degree required for decolorization and deodorization, up to 755mmHg;

Air compressor: Dry bleached clay and pressed out refined oil;

Filter: filter clay;

Steam generator: Generate steam for deodorization distillation.

4. Operation instruction

1) Preparation

a. crude oil testing, confirm acid value and color, do sample tests in the laboratory if necessary;

b. Connect cooling water;

c. Prepare clay, industrial alkali and coal;

d. Power on;

e. Check vacuum pump, air compressor, filter, and heat transfer oil pump;

f. Dehydrate at about 98°C for 5 hours when replace heat transfer oil. High level tank can slowly warm up to 280°C if no water vapor overflows.

g. fill crude oil to production.

2) alkali refining operation

a. Low-temperature and concentrated alkali method: First, determine the alkali concentration by gross oil acid value, Adjust the oil temperature to 20-30°C,Then add 20-30Be lye in 5-10 minutes, and stirring for 20-60 minutes at 60 rpm. Then observe the soap particles after reaction, when soap formation separates, begin to slowly warms up for 1ºC per minute. When the temperature reaches 60°C, stop stirring and the stationary phase causes the soap particles to settle,usually it takes 6-8 hoursto release soap.

b. High temperature and light alkali method: First, determine the alkali concentration by gross oil acid value, calculate the amount of alkali and water. When the acid value is less than 5, add 23 kg water for a unit acid value per ton oil; when the acid value is more than 5, added water no more than 12% oil weight, extra added alkali only about 0.55-0.22% oil weight.

Crude oil acid value






Alkali concentration






3) production process

a. Ignite thermal oil furnace,control thermal oil temperature at 98ºC,turn on the vacuum pump for preparation;

b. Pump crude oil into the refining pot, control oil temperature at 20-30ºC,after determine the acid value in general laboratory, adopt low-alkali concentrated alkali method or high temperature and light alkali method for alkali refining.

c. After releasing soap particles, oil heats up to 90ºC, Then add hot water for washing and stirring. Water temperature should be 5-10ºC higher than oil temperature, emulsify will happen if water temperature is too low. After adding water, continue stirring for 5 minutes, then settle for about 4 hours, release soap water, repeat washing for 2-3 times according to the quality of cleaned oil. Washed oil can be directly feed in decolorization pot for vacuum drying, slowly increase the temperature to 105ºC, stirring and dehydration for 1 hour, drying should finish when no condensation can be seen on sight glass.

d. After drying, cool the oil to 90ºC in the decolorization pan, vacuum clay (2-4% oil weight) in a decolorization pot. Stir for 30 minutes and cool to 70°C, pressed the mixture into the filter by decolorization oil pump for oil and clay separation to get decolorized oil.

e. Vacuum decolorized oil into deodorization pump, vapor deodorization starts when the vacuum reaches 755mmHg or more

f. After deodorization, cooled to 40-80ºC, press oil from deodorization pot to cooler by air compressor, to 30-40ºC. Pack after sample test.

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