Product Description

The high quality extraction process of soybean is usually pretreated by direct extracting, but there are a few cases in which the demand for yield is small. It includes metering and cleaning section, tempering section, crushing and blank pressing section, expanding section, drying and cooling section, etc

 Soybean Oil pressing 

with the help of external mechanical forces, oil can be squeezed out of the oil by activating oil molecules through increasing the temperature.
 Soybean Oil extracting   leaching is a process in which oil is continuously extracted from oil slabs or pre-pressed cakes by solvent using similar phase solubility principle.
Soybean Oil refining The refining workshop includes 1, hydration degumming 2, neutralization reaction 3. decolorization 4. deodorization 5. freezing dewaxing and other sections.

Part of Hongde Equipment List for Various Cereals and Oils process 

Item Machine name Capacity
Pretreatment and pre-pressing equipment Bucket elevator 50-2400 2.2-3.0
Spiral conveyor 50-1000 2.2-11
Chain dryer 50-350 4-11
Softening pot 50-1000 15-110
Cooker 50-1000 15-110
Oil extraction equipment Chain extractor 500-4000 7.5-22
Loop extractor 2000-6000 15-37
Rotocel extractor 50-2000 1.5-111
Desolventizer-toaster 50-2000 15-110
Mixed oil evaporator 50-2000  
Layer steam- stripping tower 50-2000  
Paraffin absorb system 50-2000  
Water bath type device for exhaust gas recovery 50-2000  
Oil refining equipment Vacuum dryer 50-1000  
Desoventizing tower 50-1000  
Decolorizing tower 50-1000  
Deodorization tower 50-1000  
Filler type deodorization tower 50-1000  
Crystallization tank 50-1000 3-15
Decolorization pot 3-20  
Deodorization pot 3-20  
Auxiliary machine Tube heat exchanger    
Spiral board heat exchanger    
Tower type condenser    

Soy beans Oil Pre-treatment diagramFlow Diagram

Oil press unit machine of Soya Beans 

Rotocel Oil extractor for oil extracting 

Flaking Maching of Soya beans oil process

Oil Refining workshop of Soy beans oil processrner of So

Long tube evaporator of Oil making 

Hongde Workshop Advanced Processing Equipment 


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