Product Description

In this article, we will describe about our Hongde Oil Machinery Mini Oil Refinery Plant. The quality of fried foods depends not only on the type of food, but also depends on the type of cooking oil used for frying. The selection of stable cooking oil is of great importance to maintain a low deterioration during frying and consequently giving a good quality of the final fried foods.

Today there are many different types of refined oils and fats which are used for frying. The ideal oil composition may be different depending on technical or nutritional considerations. The decision to choose the type of oil is influenced by several factors amongst which functionality, nutritional properties, cost and availability are the unique ones.

The rate of deterioration of oil depends on its Initial Quality. This initial quality of crude oil depends on the extraction and crushing process of seeds. Hence good quality seeds with higher oil content will give fresh and good quality oil. This is the primary step that Crude Oil must be Fresh and New.

Once the Crude Oil is tested ok, it is important that appropriate development of different steps in the refining process is fulfilled. This is the only guarantee for obtaining the best frying performance of the selected oil. A Mini Oil Refinery Plant is a complete Unit offered by Hongde Oil Machinery to carry out this improvement process.

Our Mini Oil Refinery can become useful for multiple types of oils. Customers can process several crude edible oils on our mini oil refinery unit. This versatile mini oil refinery works on soyabean oil, sunflower oil, palm oil, cottonseed oil, coconut oil as well as peanut oil. The input shall be the Filtered Crude Oil and the corresponding output shall be the RBD Refined Oil.

Below are some of the pictures of our installed Hongde’s Mini Oil Refinery Unit in Africa. This refinery is producing Refined Edible Sunflower Oil.

"I’d like to take this opportunity to say how impressed we have been with the working of your Mini Oil Refinery. The plant has been doing well for us. We’ve scaled our business from the past and Hongde Oil Machinery, in terms of ease of project execution, turnaround time or production outputs has contributed a lot."

Company Profiles

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