Product Description

JL Precise three-stage hydraulic oil filtration and filling machine
waste oil disposal machine, transfering and filtering together, extend the service time of oil
Series JL series portable oil filtration&filling machine is developed and produced by our company for oil
filling&filtration. It is an ideal equipment for enterprises to transfer different kinds of oil from one container
to the other, and at the same time the oil goes through filtration process.
JL series are applicable to filter mechanical oil, hydraulic oil, compressor oil, turbine oil, insulating oil,
gasoline and diesel engine oil and other low viscosity lubricating oil, it's very convenient to transfer oil,
filling oil to electrical equipment together with filtration process.
It can be used for purify cooking oil such as rape oil, sesame oil, peanut oil, coconut oil, ect.if it is made by
stainless steel and innocuous filter element.
Creditable capability.
Stable and fine configuration.
Convenient operation.
Optional filtering accuracy.
1.The machine is light and portable,simple in operation,low-noise.
2.It can transfer oil from a long distance and high lift,no need of filter paper,cheap and environment protection.
3.Precise three-stage filter system to remove solid mechanical particulates and other impurities.
4.The machine is installed with well-sealed anti-explosion electric control cabinet(optional)
Optional mode:
The customer's request can be met buy adopting PLC intelligent and displaying dynamically. Available in
mobile option, stationary option, and car-carrying option. Kinds of filters can be made hermetical, canopy-
covering or open-air. Various sizes and configuration (alloy shield) are available

Company Profiles

Our company is a leading manufacturer specialized in edible oil extraction machine,peanut oil extraction machine,soybean oil extraction machine,sunflower oil extraction machine,rapeseed oil extraction machine,rice bran oil extraction machine,sesame oil extraction machine,palm oil extraction machine and other oil seeds extraction machine.Our company service includes:technology design, installation and debugging, technical training, relocation of oil plant, technology reform and turnkey project.

Our edible oil extraction machine have gained many achievements and awards. And we have installed edible oil extraction machine in more than 20 countries over the world. Such as Malaysia, Indonesia, Nigeria, Liberia, Thailand, Congo, Zambia and Uzbekistan and so on.