Product Description

Pork Fat Chicken fat oil extraction machine and refining machine

Animal fats and oils are lipid materials derived from animals.

Physically, oils are liquid at room temperature, and fats are solid.

Chemically, both fats and oils are composed of triglycerides.

Although many animal parts and secretions may yield oil, in commercial practice, oil is extracted primarily from rendered tissue fats obtained from livestock animals like pigs, chickens and cows.

Dairy products also yield popular animal fat and oil products such as cheese, butter, and milk.

Animal fats are commonly consumed as part of a western diet in their semi-solid form as either milk, butter, lard, schmaltz, and dripping or more commonly as filler in factory produced meat, pet food and fast-food products.

Dairy products are animal secretions which contain varying levels of water, oils, fats and animal cells from circulatory and lymphatic systems such as blood and mammary glands.

Working process

Grinding —-conveying —–boiling —-oil residue separating —-filtering

shipping and packaging

We will pack by the protect film inner, water-repellent plastic outside.

The wood packing is necessary if send by less than a container.

The machine will fixed by steel rope in the container. Make sure it is in good condition when arrived destination.

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