Product Description

The tubular heat exchanger is the most widely used one in chemical industry and ethanol production.It is mainly composed of shell, tube plate, heat exchange tube, head, baffle  and so on.The required materials can be made of ordinary carbon steel, red copper, or stainless steel.During heat transfer, a fluid enters the joint pipe of the head, flows in the pipe, and flows out of the outlet pipe at the other end of the head.Another type of fluid enters by the pipe of the shell and flows out from another pipe of the shell, which is called the shell side.

Different Types of Shell and Tube Heat Exchangers:

Fixed Tubesheet Type:
The structure of tubular heat exchanger is simple, compact and cheap, but the outer tube cannot be cleaned mechanically.The heat exchanger tube bundles are connected to the tube plates, which are welded to the two ends of the shell respectively, and connected to the top cover, the top cover and the shell are equipped with fluid inlet and outlet nozzles.A series of baffles perpendicular to the tube bundles are usually arranged outside the tube.At the same time, the tube and tube plate are rigid in connection with the housing, while the outside of the tube is two different temperature fluid.Therefore, when the temperature difference between the tube wall and the shell wall is large, the difference in thermal expansion between the two causes great temperature difference stress, which leads to tube bending or tube loosening from the tube-plate, or even damage to the heat exchanger.

In order to overcome the temperature difference stress, there must be temperature difference compensation device. In general, when the temperature difference between tube wall and shell wall is more than 50ºC, for safety reasons, the heat exchanger should have temperature difference compensation device.However, the compensation device (expansion joint) can only be used in cases where the temperature difference between the shell wall and the pipe wall is lower than 60~70ºC and the fluid pressure on the shell side is not high.Generally, when the shell side pressure exceeds 0.6mpa, other structures should be considered as the compensation ring is too thick and difficult to expand and lose the function of temperature difference compensation.

Floating Head Type:

One tube plate of the heat exchanger is connected to the shell with a flange. The other tube plate is not connected to the shell so that the tube can expand and contract freely when heated or cooled. However, a top cover is connected to the tube plate, which is called "floating head".Its advantages are: tube bundles can be pulled out for cleaning;The expansion of the tube bundle does not change the constraint of the shell, so when the temperature difference between the two heat exchanger media is large, the difference of the thermal expansion of the tube bundle and the shell will not produce the temperature difference stress.Its disadvantages are complex structure and high cost.

U Shape Tubular Type:

U-tube heat exchanger, each tube is bent into a U-shape, both ends are fixed on the same tube plate, each tube can expand and contract freely, so as to solve the heat compensation problem.The tubing has at least two sides. The tube bundles can be pumped and cleaned, and the tubes can expand freely.Its disadvantage is that the inner wall of the pipe is difficult to clean, the pipe is difficult to replace, and there are fewer pipes arranged on the pipe plate.Advantages are simple structure, light weight, suitable for high temperature and high pressure conditions.

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