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Today we will introduce the deodorization for you, because it is the important and necessary part for oil refinery.
Deodorized purpose: The pure fatty acid triglycerides is colorless, odorless, but natural oils have their own special smell (also known as stink). The smell is oxidation products, further oxidation of peroxide compounds break down into formaldehyde, thus the oil flavor. In addition, in the process of oil making it will produce odor, such as solvent smell, earthy smell, soap smell, and so on. The process of removing smell of grease peculiar (taste compounds) of is called oil "deodorization".

Deodorization of oil from solvent extraction (when the processing parameters cannot reach deodorizing requirements, it is known as the "desolventizing") is very important, before deodorization, it must first be process by hydration, alkali refining and bleaching, and create favorable conditions of deodorization, conducive to removal of the residual solvent and other odor of grease.

There are many methods of deodorization, vacuum steam deodorization method, gas insufflation method, hydrogenation and polymerization method. Currently the most widely used at home and abroad, the best method is vacuum steam deodorization.

Vacuum steam deodorization method is the process that the flavor substance was removed by superheated steam (under vacuum) in the deodorizing tank. The theory of vacuum steam deodorization is that steam through oil containing flavor components for steam-liquid touch are saturated by volatile malodorous components, and selected and removed according to its partial pressure ratio.

It includes the main four parts, as follows:

1, Degumming section

2, Deacidification section

3. Bleaching section

4. Deodorizing section

It can refine two batches of oil, which can reach the capacity of 1t oil. 


1, If you want to refine corn germ oil, sunflower oil, cottonseed oil, rice bran oil, you need to purchase the additional section-dewaxing equipment.

2, But if you refine the plam oil, coconut oil, you need to purchase the addtion part-fractionation equipment.

3, If you want to use gas or fuel oil as heat source of heat transfer oil furnace, please prepare the burning device by yourself. If needed, we can also purchase the buring device payable.

4, If you need the big capacity oil refinery, the steam boiler is necessary.

5, We will send technicians for your plant for instructiong installation and trial run.

Pictures details:

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Machines in workshop
Half made oil refinery
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Oil refinery in factory of users


Production time 15 days
Payment TT
Package Film packing
Ship CMA or MSK
Guarantee one year
Quality ISO,BV

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