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FOTMA has devoted more than 15 years to research and develop the production of oil pressing machinery and its auxiliary equipment. The tens of thousands of successful oil pressing experiences and business models of customers have been gathered for more than ten years. All types of oil press machines and their auxiliary equipment sold have been verified by the market for many years, with advanced technology, stable performance and perfect service. Based on the characteristics of the user’s personality, regional fuels, eating habits, etc., FOTMA has developed a set of management guidance programs that are suitable for you. It has commissioned oil-press masters who have years of oil extraction experience to debug equipment and teach you how to operate the oil press, and provide you with technical support and guidance for life. The efficient and intelligent use of the FOTMA oil press is widely used in the pressing of peanut, soybean, rapeseed, sunflower, flaxseed, camellia seed, cottonseed, sesame and other oil crops in the main oil producing areas.
Hydraulic Oil Press
It is a new designed machine, based on the abroad and home similar products. The machine is specialized in processing the high oil content oilseeds, such as sesame, walnuts, almonds, peanut, flax etc.
Why choose FOTMA?1.For more than a decade, with its excellent production technology and high-quality after-sales service, it has always been recognized and loved by users.2.Obtained many official promotion appraisals and won many national patents. The technology is continuously updated, the products are mature and reliable, and the technology always leads.3.High oil output, clean and pure oil, good market efficiency. Original automation, intelligent technology, automatic electronic temperature control function, energy saving and high efficiency.4.Original automation, intelligent technology, automatic electronic temperature control function, energy saving and high efficiency.5.FOTMA can provide a full set of technical support and perfect after-sales service, which is the first choice of urban and rural oil mills and small and medium-sized refineries
Products Advantages1.FOTMA oil press can automatically adjust the oil extraction temperature and oil refining temperature according to the different requirements of the oil type on the temperature, not affected by the season and climate, which can meet the best pressing conditions, and can be pressed all year round.2.Electromagnetic preheating: Setting electromagnetic induction heating disk , the oil temperature can be automatically controlled and raised to 80°C according to the preset temperature, which is convenient for purification of oil products and has high thermal efficiency.3.Squeezing performance: once squeezed. Large output and high oil yield, avoiding increase in output caused by the increase in crushing grade, and decline in oil quality.4.Oil treatment: Portable continuous oil refiner can also be equipped with L380 type automatic residue separator, which can quickly remove phospholipids and other colloidal impurities in press oil, and automatically separate the oil residue. The oil product after refining can not be frothed, original, fresh and pure, and the oil quality meets the national edible oil standard.5.After-sales service: FOTMA can provide on-site installation and debugging, fried materials, technical skills of crushing techniques, one-year warranty, lifelong technical service support.6.Scope of application: The equipment can squeeze peanut, rapeseed, soybean, oil sunflower, camellia seed, sesame and other oily vegetable oil.
4. Technical Parameters

Model 6YY-230
Type Vertical hydraulic
Processing situation 1 worker, 10 m2plant
Capacity 35-50kg/h
Specifications (L*W*H: mm) 900*850*1550
Weight 1T
PN(MPa) 200T~210T
Max working pressure 50MPa
Diameter of piston 230mm
Unit loading weight 6-8kg
Electric heating coil temperature control 70-100ºC
Motor type and power Y901-4-1.5KW
Heater power 2KW
Heating time 15~20minutes
Voltage 220-380V

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6. Packing and Shipping:
(1) Packing: Usually in the wooden cases for main machines and carton boxes for small parts.
(2) Delivery:
Usually in 5-45 days after payment, it depends on the model and order quantity. For small packages, we can choose delivery by air(Normal air or courier: DHL, TNT, UPS, FedEx, etc.). For large machines, we can arrange to ship by water( LCL or FCL, bulk cargo or RO/RO), train or truck.
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Our company is a leading manufacturer specialized in edible oil extraction machine,peanut oil extraction machine,soybean oil extraction machine,sunflower oil extraction machine,rapeseed oil extraction machine,rice bran oil extraction machine,sesame oil extraction machine,palm oil extraction machine and other oil seeds extraction machine.Our company service includes:technology design, installation and debugging, technical training, relocation of oil plant, technology reform and turnkey project.

Our edible oil extraction machine have gained many achievements and awards. And we have installed edible oil extraction machine in more than 20 countries over the world. Such as Malaysia, Indonesia, Nigeria, Liberia, Thailand, Congo, Zambia and Uzbekistan and so on.