Product Description

HP260 type is a continuous Spiral Oil Press Machine.It is suitable for large oil plant pre Press – leaching or two pressing process.This Food Oil Making Machine is suitable for peanut, cottonseed, rapeseed, sunflower seed, corn germ oil, coconut and other high oil content oil seeds. CHARACTERISTICS
YZY260 pre pressing machine is suitable for pre pressing process characteristics.Under normal pre-treatment conditions, it has the following advantage.

  1. Large amount of capacity,workshop area, power consumption, operation, management and maintenance is corresponding reduction;
  2. Cake forming good, conducive to solvent penetration;
  3. Oil and water content in cake are suitable for solvent extraction;
  4. Low temperature of the raw material,"Step by step to squeeze, Light diligent pressure ",Small amount of slag and oil is transparent;
  5. Wearing parts with high wear-resistant materials,service life is long.
  6. Suitable for press under low, middle, high temperature


Capacity 1. Prepress capacity:120-150tons/24hr2. Press Capacity: 35-50ton/24hours
Electric Motor Y225M-6,1000R.P.M
Power Y280M-6- 75KW(main motor)
5.5KW BLY27-35(Reduction drive)
2.2KW BLY18-17(Reduction drive)
Screw spindle speed 32rpm or 38rpm
The thickness of the cake 8-20mm (Can be adjustable)
Overall dimensions 3806×1238×3418mm
Net weight 8500kgs
Residual oil content in cake Prepress: about 13% (under normal conditions)
Press: about 6-8% (under normal conditions)


Company Profiles

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