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Our oil refining equipment unit for small scale production has all the bells and whistles including decreased land usage requirements and investment capital. Due to the small size of the equipment set, it is also easy to install and maintain. There are several types of crude oils you can choose to work with including palm oil (CPO), palm kernel oil (PKO) and other types of vegetable oil such as sunflower oil, fish oil, peanut oil, etc

Product ParametersBatch Oil Refining Process (1~30 ton/day)
This line of an oil refinery is perfect as a mini or small-scale palm oil mill plant. It requires low investment capital and a smaller occupation of land. You are able to refine almost every type of crude edible oil. The primary refinery process includes three stages which are de-gumming, neutralizing, bleaching, and deodorizing. This process eliminates all the impurities which make the oil inedible.
The refining process also includes making the oil palatable and rancid-resistant if and when it is stored for long periods of time. Batch oil refining holds a capacity of 1TPT to 30TPD.
Degumming: the process to remove gelatinous impurities within crude oils by chemical or physical methods is called degumming. In edible oil, if the content of phosphatide is high, it is easy to blister, smoke and smell when heated. And the phospholipid is oxidized at high temperature and then make the crude oils in dark brown, which affects the flavor of fried food. Based on the principle that phospholipid and some proteins within the crude oils are soluble to oils at the condition of sewage, but insoluble in oil and water after the formation of hydrate, degumming process is to add hot water or steam into crude oils, and heat crude oils, agitation mix at the temperature of 50 ºC. Then let stand for layered, in that way, the phospholipids and part of the proteins are removed from the crude oils.
Deacidification: the Free Fatty Acids (FFA) contained in the oils will affect its stability and flavors. The process to remove FFA is called deacidification or alkali refining.
Decolorizing: crude oils may contain chlorophyll, carotenoid and other pigments. Chlorophyll is photosensitizer, which affects the stability of oil, while other pigments can affect the appearance of oil. So theses pigments can be removed by adsorbent in decolorizing process
Deodorization: there are some undesirable odor substances in oil, mainly from oil oxidation products. The method of vacuum distillation was used to inhibit the oxidation.
Semi-Continuous Oil Refining Process (10~50 ton/day)
This line is suitable for medium-scale palm oil refining factory which are efficient in accommodating clients requests. You are able to refine different types of crude oils as well as plant and animal oils. It has a capacity of 10TPD to 50TPD.
Continuous Oil Refining Process (over 30 ton/day)
This line is specifically for large-scale palm oil refinery. It operates automatically with the refinement of the oils with the utmost efficacy. lts daily capacity stands at over 30TPD.
Palm Oil Fractionation
To separate solid phases (Stearine) and liquid phases (Olein), the refined palm oil should go through fractionation process. It is achieved by thermo-mechanical means.
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