Product Description

Edible Flaxseed Extra Vergin Cold Pressed Castor Cocnut Coconut Crude Palm Double Screw Oil Press Presses Machine Making

The oil press is a machine that squeezes the grease out of the oil by increasing the temperature and activating the oil molecules with the help of external mechanical forces.


Model Total Power Rotating Speed Net Weight Gross Weight Processing Capacity/Hour Material Remark
ZY-28A 700w 66RPM 11kg 14KG 1~1.5kg/h shell:SUS201
Press chamber:SUS304
press rod:SUS304
Mirror surface, temperature is not adjustable
ZY-22S 700W 66RPM 11KG 14KG 1~1.5kg/h Frosted, digital display, temperature adjustable
ZY-22BJ 700W 66RPM 12.5KG 16.5KG 1~1.5kg/h Paint, digital display, temperature adjustable, with germicidal lamp
ZY-45D 2800 72RPM 46kg 70kg 5~6.5kg/h Frosted, digital display, temperature adjustable

Attached table: the oil yield rate of the product

Category Oil Yield Oil Content
peanut 38~45% 35~50%
Sesame 42~55% 55~58%
Rapeseed 28~45% 35~48%
Sunflower seeds 40~45% 50~55%

(Note: Be sure to pay attention to the small gravel entering the rapeseed, sesame and flax seed to avoid abrasion of the squeezing rod and the squeezing chamber.)

Squeezing Method

From the pre-treatment of raw materials to be pressed, there are cold pressing and hot pressing. The hot pressing method is also called the cooked pressing method. Cold pressing means that the raw materials are directly put into the oil press to squeeze out the oil without being roasted or steamed. The oil squeezed by this method is relatively lighter in color and brighter. But the oil yield is low; the oil taste is not strong, not mellow. Cooked pressing means drying the raw materials before pressing. The purpose is to reduce the moisture of the raw materials, increase the activity and fluidity of the oil molecules, thereby increasing the oil yield and ensuring the fragrance of the oil. But it also destroys the chemical composition of the oil, causing the oil to be darker in color.

Squeezing Process

When the oil enters the press chamber of the oil press, the pressure increases with the rotation of the press chamber. The seed material is continuously squeezed as the oil is squeezed out; finally it becomes an oil cake; it is squeezed out of the squeezing chamber.


Compared with other types of oil presses, the screw oil machine is more cost-effective and easy to operate, but the quality of the oil is not very good. (Hydraulic oil press has low power and can be driven by three-phase electricity and household electricity. The oil is clear and attractive, but the output is low. So it is more suitable for pressing high-grade oil such as sesame oil and walnut oil.)


No chemical additives are added in the production process of this equipment.

1. Simple Operation

2. High power, low heat and high energy efficiency

3. High oil yield and low squeezing cost

4. Practical, many choices of raw materials, simple and convenient procurement

5. The oil is pure in quality and rich in nutrition

6. All stainless steel appearance, easy to clean

7. The press chamber and the press rod are easy to disassemble and assemble, and easy to clean

Product details


Disassembly Method

1. Place the freshly squeezed oil, remove the hopper, and flip up the front cover

2. Remove the pin screw of the press chamber

3. Remove the squeeze chamber

4. Take out the squeeze rod

5. Take out the squeeze rod; clean the squeeze chamber and the squeeze rod; dry it for later use or assemble it (scale will appear if there is water for more than 8 hours)

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