Product Description

Background of the field
Biomass can be used topically, orally, or through inhalation. acts as an anti-inflammatory, anti-anxiety, and pain reliever without causing intoxication.
Since legal Biomass is about to enter the USA scene in a big way,extracting oil from plants and isolating the compound into a supplement is technically legal in many countries,till 2019,it is legalized in all 50states in USA and spread to Canada,and european countries like Swiss,UK,Poland,France,Denmark,Spain etc.
Our obligation to afford the following equipmemts
For requirements of markets,our team design and manufacture the whole line to carry out oilextration.the whole system includes:
1.Ethanol jacketed vessels
2.Centrifuges extractor machinery
3.double stage Filters (baf filter &Lencticular filter )
4.Extractor solution (Biomass oil with ethanol) Tanks
5.Solvent remove (recovery ) evaporator -like single effectives evaporators,falling film evaporator ,rotary disillation equipments.
6.purify system -like short path evaporator ,molecular distillation ,pressure Resin system etc
7.Decarb reactor
8.Crystallizer equipments
9.Cooling system : cooling water towers,low temperature chillers
10.Valves,vacuum pumps,transfer pump ,connections etc.
11.control system
General Production Line functions
1.winterlization-solvent (ethanol) cooling and storage
2.Biomass with ethanol soaking and spin in centrifuge machine to extractor Biomass oil
3.extracting Biomass oil for filtration
4.evaporation-solvent (ethanol ) remove from the Biomass oil
9.control panel
Our advantages
1.Cold temperature operation
2.high recovery rate till 90%+
3.variable capacity from 30poundsd till 200pounds per batch
4.less labor needed
5.Low power consumption
6.small loss
7.A to Z complete line provider
8.Commissioning and training

Model Capacity Hot water generator power Material Heating Area of Extraction Tank Condensing Area of Condenser Vacuum pump power
HST10 10L 6KW SUS304/316 0.21M2 0.22 M2 0.55KW
HST20 20L 8.8KW 0.28 M2 0.5 M2 0.55KW
HST30 30L 10KW 0.33 M2 0.72 M2 1.5 KW
HST50 50L 12KW 0.5 M2 0.83 M2 3KW
HST100 100L 24KW 0.98 M2 0.95 M2 4KW
HST150 150L 25KW 1.45 M2 1.2 M2 4KW
HST200 200L 27KW 1.85 M2 1.5 M2 6.5 KW
HST300 300L 35KW 2.85 M2 2.3 M2 8KW

Packaging Details
Under normal circumstances, we will use PE wrapping film for part of the product, then use wooden case packaging, or according to the special requirements of the customer packaging;If exported to European countries, we will fumigate the wooden cases.
Shipping Details
Under normal circumstances, we will use trucks to transport products to Qingdao port;Or according to customer requirements, choose the most convenient, the most economic mode of transportation.

Company Profiles

Our company is a leading manufacturer specialized in edible oil extraction machine,peanut oil extraction machine,soybean oil extraction machine,sunflower oil extraction machine,rapeseed oil extraction machine,rice bran oil extraction machine,sesame oil extraction machine,palm oil extraction machine and other oil seeds extraction machine.Our company service includes:technology design, installation and debugging, technical training, relocation of oil plant, technology reform and turnkey project.

Our edible oil extraction machine have gained many achievements and awards. And we have installed edible oil extraction machine in more than 20 countries over the world. Such as Malaysia, Indonesia, Nigeria, Liberia, Thailand, Congo, Zambia and Uzbekistan and so on.