Product Description

NO Model Basket DIA Basket volume MAX LOAD Power Dimension(mm)
1 SZP600 600mm 40L 70KG 3KW 1700*900*1000
2 SZP800 800mm 100L 144KG 5.5KW 2300*1300*1280
3 SZP1000 1000mm 140L 200KG 7.5KW 2550*1600*1500
4 SZP1200 1200mm 245L 350KG 11KW 2850*1800*1580
5 SZP1250 1250mm 281L 400KG 18.5KW 3000*1960*1900
6 SZP1500 1500mm 350L 550KG 25KW 3500*2200*2100


Bag centrifuge is intermittent operation, which consists of driving device, body, casing, drum, bag,
brake device, clutch and other components. Closed filter equipment for unloading materials from
different places of bags is equipped with rotating drum. Under the action of centrifugal force field,
liquid phase passes through the filter medium and discharges out of the machine.
Solid phase is intercepted in the drum. After stopping the machine,
the liquid plate and filter belt are lifted out together. Discharge at designated locations.
The centrifugal force field is generated by the high-speed operation of the drum starting from
the transmission parts equipped with clutch. The filtrate injected into the drum is separated
by the filter bag lined with the drum. The filtrate residue is intercepted in the drum.
The filtrate is introduced into the collection container through the outlet pipe.
After reaching the loading limit, the feeding is stopped, the power supply is cut off,
and the drum is stopped running with the brake device (brake unit can be used
when the frequency converter is equipped). To achieve), open the cover, lift the filter bag
out of the body with lifting tools, unload, that is, complete a work cycle..

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