Product Description

5T/Day Complete Palm Oil Production Plant
We can supply the turn key project of palm fruit&palm kernal oil production plant, from pre-pressing to solvent extraction to refinery and final package, processsing capacity from 10T/D to 500T/D.
Pls inform us the capacity u want when u inquiry.
Flow chart:
Water Phosphoric acid Caustic soda Bleaching clay steam
Crude oil—water washing —-degumming—deacidification—- drying—-decolorization— deodorization—finished oil
The final oil standard and data

Item Grade
No 1 No 2
Color (Lowelbone colorimeter 25.4mm) <=
(lowelbone colorimeter 133.4mm) <= Yellow 15,Red1.5 Yellow 25,Red2.5
Smell & Savor No smell, best savor Better smell and savor
Diaphaneity diaphaneity diaphaneity
Water and volatile thing
(%) <=
0.05 0.05
Impurity (%) <= 0.05 0.05
Free faity acids (KOH )(mg/g) <= 0.20 0.30
Peroxide value(meq/kg) <= 5 5
Heating Test (280 degree) <=

Main machine list

No. Equipment Name Model Qty
1 Oil refining tank LYY180 2
2 Decolorization tank TSG180 1
3 Soap-stock tank LZG120 1
4 Hot water case XRS2.5 1
5 Lye tank XJS1.5 1
6 Phosphoric acid tank LSG40 1
7 Waste oil case XFY1.5 1
8 Alkali proportion case XPJ3.0 1
9 Gear oil pump YCB6-0.6 1
10 Gear oil pump YCB6-0.6 1
11 Gear oil pump YCB5-0.6 1
12 Centrifugal oil pump IY65-50-125 1
13 Oil separation case FYX1.5 1
14 Bleaching clay case BX0.9 1
15 Bleaching oil pump IY50-32-200 1
16 Bleaching oil case TSX6.0 1
17 Leaf vibration filter NBY20m2 1
18 Bleaching separator FY5 1
19 Air compressor 2V-0.6/7-C 1
20 Deodorization tank TXG180 1
21 Oil heating steam super-heater ZRL325 1
22 Deodorization separator FY5 1

Complete palm oil plant:

Factory view

Company Profiles

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