Product Description

1 The raw materials: Fuel oil /waste machine oil / transformer oil/waste lube/pyrolysis oil
2 Out put Base oil
3 Daily capacity: 20 ton /day
4 The size of reactor(D*L) 2200*6000 mm
6. Reactor material Q345R
7. Final oil out rate 75-85 %
8. Feeding way continuous
9 Slag out Auto continuous
10 Working area 500-600 square meters
11 Cooling way By water
12. Heating way Direct/indirect
13 Working presure Normal/slightly negative
14 Effective working temperature 200-400ºC
15 Power 36.5 kw
16 voltage 220v/380v
17 Fuel to heating Coal wood, gas oil, etc
18 type Pollution free
19. certificate CE.ISO

Distillation main equipment list
2).Catalyst tower
3).Heat exchanger
4).Pipe condenser
7).Pipe combination cooling pool
8).Light component oil collection tank
9.Middle component oil collection tank
10).Vacuum device
11).Residue oil tank
12).Smoke dust disposal device
Include strong spray tower,draft fan,activated carbon absorption tower,recycle purify water pool
13).Filter sand filter
14).Water sealing
15).Stirring tank
16).Operation platform
17).Power distribution cabinet
18).Other attachment
Work flow
1) Pumping the feedstock into the sedimentation tank 1# and 2#, adding some catalyst, injecting the air by compressor into the sedimentation tanks for making the feedstock and catalyst mixed well, sedimentation quietly for 5hours.
2) After sedimentation, discharging the sediment, pumping the feedstock after sedimentation into distillation kettle.
3) Starting the high-temp circulated oil pump for distillation and the heating furnace, the feedstock will be heated during distillation kettle and furnace, when they reach the distillation cuts temp, through the rectifying tower into the oil-gas cyclone sedimentation tank for separating the ash, then into the oil-gas condenser and getting the diesel and gasoline separately stored.
4) The part of non-condensable gas into the vacuum buffering tank, vacuum pump, water seal, back fire device and into the heating furnace for supplying heat.
5) When there is "low" alarming on the liquid level, it should start to pump the feedstock (after sedimentation in tank 1# and 2#) into the distillation kettle, the whole distillation process is continuous.
6) When there is no alarming on the liquid level, but the diesel color is very dark, it shows there is much more residual oil in the distillation kettle and should discharge, then put into the residual oil tank.

4. oil rate

Oil yied/day Waste tire/ rubber Big tyres 45%–50%
Car tyres 40%
Bicycles and motorcycles tyres 30%–35%
Waste plastic Fishing net 45%–50%
Safety net , farm-oriented film
Conwenient bags , weave bags 40%
Off cut of recycled paper mill 20%–30%

5. Plant features:

1).Continuous operating for 90 days without coking.
2).Latest tubular heating system which can save fuel 20–30%.
3).All sealed and auto feeding and slag discharging system, available in 350degree temperature condition.
4).This model is for processing waste engine oil into diesel oil.
5).The output should be above 90%, water percent affect the data obviously.
6).Our distillation machine can distillate the flowing materials, turn the waste to energy.
– Fuel oil extracted from waste plastics and scrap rubber.
– Waste engine oil.
– Waste raw oil.
– Waste washing oil.
– Waste oil, Raw oil.
– Waste lubricating oil.
7).Increase oil yield 5% compared to the similar plant, oil yield rate reaches to 80%.
8). Unique condensers and vacuum device makes our pyrolysis oil distillation machine highly efficient.
9). Advanced device and design to make sure the distillation process is proceeding in a total environmental and safe surrounding.
10). Multiple methods to eliminate color and odor of the distilled oil which ensures the final oil is of high quality.
11). The complete set of unit produce no smoke and no smell.
6. oil parameters

Project diesel standard
Oxidation stability 2.2 ≤2.5 mg/100ml
Sulfur content 0.3 M/m≤0.2
10% steamed residual carbon residue 0.33 M/m≤0.3
Ash content (10%) 0.16 %m/m≤0.01
Waste content (10%) traces /
Mechanical impurities / /
Density (g/ml) 0.85 0.83-0.87
Solidifying point ( ºC) -10 0
Flash point (closed ) ( ºC) 45 55
Movement viscosity 3.5 (20 ºC) mm2/s
Combustion value(Kcal) 9500 8500
colority 1.2 ≤3.5
cetane number 40 45
Acidity / MGkoh/100ml≤7

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