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S-15B All Stainless Steel Oil Press Machine

Choose our family use oil press— choose different healthy oil for your family members:
1. For the aged——–flaxseeds/linseeds oil, sunflower seeds oil
Flaxseeds oil: Reduce blood fat and blood pressure;
Sunflower seeds oil: Reduce blood pressure, reduce cholesterol, and prevent angiosclerosis and coronary heart disease.

For young people ——- rapeseeds oil, tea seeds oil, flaxseeds oil
The above oil can help to improve brain development, improve nervous system function, and improve intelligence, eyesight and improve body health grow up.
3. For pregnant ——– peanut oil, walnut kernel oil
Peanut oil can improve children intelligence, improve brain develop, improve memory, and prevent senility very effectively.

Main raw materials:
This machine can process kinds of oilseeds such as peanut, sunflower, olive, sunflower and so on.

Method of operation:
1.Connect the power,pressing the heating switch to wait around 10minutes(this time,you can fry the raw materials),don’t need to turn off the switch,it is automatic.
2. If you want to get the higher oil yield,it’s better to fry raw mateials firstl

3.Clockwise rotation to turn until can’t whirl any more,then do one revolution,you can according to the cake suitation to adjust the hand wheel.
4.After finish pressing,need to press more 3-5 minutes,then press motor stop switch,press heating switch,and then pull the power switch.

Technical data:

Model S-15B small oil press
Capacity 20-30kg/h(different according to different materials)
Motor power 1.5kw
Operation power 3kw
Oil residue in cake less than 1%
Size 700×290×710mm
Net weight 55kg

Stainless steel body

Pressing shaft and chamber
Can squeeze more material
Motor is of good quality and torque

Easy to clean

Washing step:

The final oil
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